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Street show* for every age public. 50 minutes long of phisical theater, dance and circus of Cia. SU.MA.

*adaptable to interior

Circus, dance, physical theatre and music 360º  performance, where two characters create a fantasy world for the audience.

Game and imagination, aerial performance and singing voice, aer the ingredients of this show where magic merges from the creative use of the elements and the special comumication between the performers and the public.


Little conflictos, decisions and difficulties are part of the normal life. It is allways up to us how to face the situations and transform them into a nice adventure. What inspire you to get up each morning? What impulse your heart to start every day as a new day? What rises a smile on your face?

What is your IKIGAI?


Audience Award Festaclown Festival 2020 of Vilagarcía

Performers: Sue Moreno and Maria Move

Scenic Direction: Gonçalo Guerreiro

Creation, original idea and coreography: Cía. SU.MA (Sue Moreno and Maria Move)

Original soundtrack: Maria Move and Raul Grillo

Photo and video: Andrés Nadal


-Festival PRIMA, Santiago de Compostela _June 27 2020

-Parque de los Patos, Barbadás (Ourense)_July 3 2020

-Plaza do Concello, Boiro (Pontevedra)_July 23 2020

-Alameda de Santiago de Compostela_ July 26 2020

-Pobra do Caramiñal (Pontevedra)_August 4 _2020

-Praia Fluvial de Muiños (Ourense)_August 8_2020

-Plaza Floreal de Cedeira (A Coruña)_August 15_2020

-Festival FESTACLOWN, Plaza del Auditorio de Vilagarcía de Arousa_August 22 _2020

-Lobeira (Ourense)_ September 8 2020

-PRESCO, A Coruña_15 de Noviembre_2020 

-Carballo (A Coruña)_21 de Marzo_2021

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