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AIREnoAR grows out of the search for new artistic languages from fusion in different arts. Under the direction of the dancer and choreographer Rut Balbis, the performers Maria Move and Alvaro Reboredo create a scene of communication and interrelation between elements and body, through the fusion of their artistic expertises: aerial acrobacy (smooth rope) and music (vocal technique).

Starting with the basis of human relationships—bodies and space, we connect with emotion, with the pictoral image of light and its forms, and with the sound that grows and resounds within the body.

Direction: Rut Balbís

Performers: María Move and Álvaro Reboredo Ortega “Fitinho”

Aereal acrobacy: Álvaro Reboredo Ortega “Fitinho”

Music and vocal technique: María Move 

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro 

Electronic bases and recording: Guillermo Cortiñas and María Move

Costume design: Teresa Gutiérrez 

Production, photo, video, web and graphic design: Manu Lago 

A production: Cía. Airenoar

Production collaborators: Teatro Principal de Compostela, Normal, Circonove, Casa Tomada and Centro Sociocultural de Santa Marta. 

Tour collaborators: Agadic - Xunta de Galicia, Gobierno Vasco - Danza Sarea.


AIREnoAR  was premiered on may 20, 2015 at Teatro Principal in Santiago de Compostela

Performed in

·January 27, 2017. AIREnoAR, Auditorium Kultur -  Leioa.

·April 29, 2017. AIREnoAR, Auditorium Beniaján - Murcia.

·May 28, 2017. AIREnoAR, Auditorium Ponteareas - Pontevedra. 

·December 10, 2016. AIREnoAR, Auditorium Celrá -  Girona.

·November 19, 2016. AIREnoAR, Teatro Francisco Rabal -  Pinto - Madrid.

·October 2, 2016. AIREnoAR, Festival Artes del Movimiento FAM, Dulantzi - Alegría.

·June 26, 2016. AIREnoAR, Festival Artes del Movimiento FAM, Tenerife.

·May 16, 2016. AIREnoAR,  Teatro Rosalía - A Coruña.

·April 23, 2016. AIREnoAR,  Auditorio Gabriel García Márquez - Oleiros.

·April 10, 2016. AIREnoAR, Centro Cultural Egia - Donostia.

·April 8, 2016. AIREnoAR,  Primavera en danza, Pazo da Cultura - Carballo.

·4th November, 2015. AIREnoAR, Galicia Escena PRO, Auditorio Abanca, 17.30h, in Compostela.

·June 19, 2015. AIREnoAR street version at 2º Festival Internacional de Circo of Tarifa.

·June 20, 2015. AIREnoAR street version at 2º Festival Internacional de Circo of Tarifa.

·June 21, 2015. AIREnoAR street version at 2º Festival Internacional de Circo of Tarifa.

·May 20, 2015. 20.30h. ESTRENO AIREnoAR. Teatro Principal of Compostela.

·May 21, 2015. 20.30h. AIREnoAR. Teatro Principal of Compostela.

Selected to participate in Circuito Danza a Escena 2016.

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