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MUUM dúo

MUUM rises in 2015, when Manuel Fonte and Maria Move and asked to compose together for several Project. They start a co-working composing and recording music for scenic shows related to Dance and “New Circus”. Some of these works are: “Contiguo”(IO, 2015), “Ulises e a nena durmida”  (Anxela Blanco, 2016).

On 2016, and 2017, they discover an own style of music ; and their particular way mixturing of old traditional sounds with electronics, make them decide to start a new path, playing live music as a band.

At this point, Guillermo Cortiñas start playing with them too, and they adopt the name: MUUM Trío


Maria Move: Creative, musician, Singer, performer, dancer (

Manuel Fonte: Creative, musician, percusionist, sound tecnic (Guitar, vocals and drums, Chotokoeu Band)

Gilbert Eiche: , Sound tecnic.


Because of their talents and curiosity, they decide to incorpórate Contemporary Dance to the shows, developing a scenic porposal that includes the dancers Nuria Sotelo and Cris Vilariño. Offering so, different options to play, as a music band, or as a scenic dance-music event.

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