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Contemporary dance and live music.

The show rises after a músic and dance adaptation short pice for the Galician Culture Awards  were  MUUM (Manuel Fonte and Maria Move) create a versión of Alfonso X Cantiga: “Ondas do mar de Vigo” (Pergamiño Vindel), and the dancers Nuria Sotelo and Cris Vilariño perform, in December 2017.


After these colaboration they decide to create a longer “dance-concert” show about 25-40 minutes long where music and dance relate to create special moments in scene. MUUM máis DANZA prove the limits and boundries between artistic languages, risk and caracters taking place as dancers and musicians that play together, perform the ambient

Music based on electronics, voices and traditional iberic rythms inspire the public to travel with the performers through time and space.




Nuria Sotelo: Performer, dancer and choreographer,

Mikel Aristegui: Performer, dancer and choreographer,

María Move: Performer, musician, composer, singer, dancer

Manuel Fonte:  Musician, drummer, sound technic, performer 

Gilbert Eiche: Sound technic, musician, saxophonist.

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