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Toda a beleza do mundo

Dance solo creation, about 25 minutes performance and scénic version about 40 minutes.

All is beauty. The beauty we name as beautifull and the beauty never named, the one that rise after the experiences and the act of accepting all the steps, marks and scarfs…all the invisible lines that drew those things that touched us.


Direction and creation by: Nuria Sotelo and Maria Move

Performing: Maria Move

Original Music Maria Move (Composition, sound direction, life performing), Nuno dos Santos ("Oshun"theme), Alexis Fernandez ("Yemaya Drums"), Guillermo Cortiñas (recording and sound production)

Second choreographer- external view: Beatriz Pérez

Photo and media: Damian Varela- Miramemira

Lighting: Afonso Castro

Costume design: Marcia - Atelier Efímero

Production: Manu Lago and Maria Move

Thanks to: Miramemira, Maria Blanco, John&Betty, Gunnar Ellwanger


“All the beauty” is premiered on the 1st of july 2017, as part of the Dance Festival: Vai de Baile, Ferrol and is presented on the 16th of setember 2017 at Festival Herdanza in Santiago de Compostela and at Cartografías en movemento in Lugo on the october 29th.

The scénic version will be premiered on april 21th 2018 at Primavera en Danza in Carballo.

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